My first "real" radio was a Hallicrafters S-120 that was purchased in 1966 from Allied Radio in Chicago.  With that, I became an SWL with the Popular Electronics Magazine call: WPE9IQX.  I enjoyed listening to short wave stations, sending reception reports and receiving QSL cards.  But, I wanted to get on the air!  

I was first licensed in 1968 as WA9ZYG with a Technician   License, a Heathkit Twoer and an 11-element Cush Craft beam.  Soon   thereafter, I upgraded to Advanced class and added a Heathkit HW-100 to the   station. The HF antenna was an inverted V with a Drake MN-4 Tuner.

  Later, I replaced the HW-100 with a Kenwood TS-830S along with an HQ-1   mini-quad and a vertical.  Eventually, a Commodore 64 computer system was   added along with a PAKRATT 232 for the digital modes.

  The station didn't change much until 2005 when I finally upgraded to Extra as   KF9SQ.  Later, my family and I moved to Amelia Island. Florida (NA-138) and I   changed my call to KQ4Y.  The primary rig today is an Icom 706MKIIG which   replaces a desk full of equipment in one small package. 

  The antennas include an MFJ-1786 mag loop and a 40 - 6 OCF dipole.  Despite   the modest station, I still have a lot of fun with CW, SSB, FM and a number of   digital modes including PSK, RTTY, FT8 and Feld Hell.  

  I QSL 100% via Logbook of the World and eQSL.  I will honor any request for a   "regular" QSL card via GlobalQSL (internationally) or USPS within the U.S. You   may view my online logbook at QRZ.com.




KQ4Y News


New Mode: FT8!

Have you tried FT8 yet?  It's a great way to make short, low power contacts and have a lot of fun.  Check it out!



  Station Equipment


 Kenwood TH-F6A

 Alinco DR-150T

 Yaesu FT-7900R

                LDG AT-100 Pro

                RigBlaster Advantage

                W2IHY EQ Plus

                MFJ-1786 Mag Loop

                40 - 6 OCF Dipole


  Software Used





                N1MM (Contests)

                Fldigi (Digital Modes)


  Clubs and Association Membership

 ARRL Life Member

 Florida Contest Group

 North Florida Amateur Radio Society

 10 - 10 International (31182)

                QCWA (26411)

                Feld Hell Club (2265)

                NAQCC (3307)                

                FISTS (11972)

                30 Meter Digital Group (3624)

                Digital Modes Club (3036)

                FT8 Digital Modes Club (1786)                 

                European PSK Club (11491)


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                                                                                  Rick Abshier

                                                                                                      Fernandina Beach, Florida  USA




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